Tool Bar

The application tool bar contains several buttons to activate common operations:

Button Operation Description
New Create a new KeyStore
Open Open an existing KeyStore from disk
Save Save the active KeyStore to disk
Undo Undo the last action
Redo Redo the previously undone action
Cut Cut the selected KeyStore entry to the buffer
Copy Copy the selected KeyStore entry to the buffer
Paste Paste the buffer's contents into the active KeyStore
Generate Key Pair Generate a Key Pair with self-signed certificate in the active KeyStore
Import Trusted Certificate Import a Trusted Certificate into the active KeyStore
Import Key Pair Import a Key Pair into the active KeyStore
Set Password Set the active KeyStore's password
Properties Display the properties of the active KeyStore
Examine File Examine the contents of a file
Examine Clipboard Examine the contents of the system clipboard
Examine SSL Examine a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection's certificate(s)
Detect File Type Detect a cryptographic file's type
Help Display KeyStore Explorer's help pages