Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts available to activate common operations:

Keyboard Shortcut Operation Description
Windows / Linux macOS
Ctrl-N Cmd-N New Create a new KeyStore
Ctrl-O Cmd-O Open Open an existing KeyStore from disk
Ctrl+Shift-D Cmd+Shift-D Open Open the Default KeyStore
Ctrl+Shift-C Cmd+Shift-C Open Open the CA Certificates KeyStore
Ctrl-W Cmd-W Close Close the active KeyStore
Ctrl+Shift-W Cmd+Shift-W Close All Close all KeyStores
Ctrl-S Cmd-S Save Save the active KeyStore to disk
Ctrl+Alt-S Cmd+Alt-S Save As Save the active KeyStore to disk with a new name
Ctrl+Shift-S Cmd+Shift-S Save All Save all changed KeyStores
Ctrl-Z Cmd-Z Undo Undo the last action
Ctrl-Y Cmd-Y Redo Redo the previously undone action
Ctrl-X Cmd-X Cut Cut the selected KeyStore entry to the buffer
Ctrl-C Cmd-C Copy Copy the selected KeyStore entry to the buffer
Ctrl-V Cmd-V Paste Paste the buffer's contents into the active KeyStore
Ctrl-G Cmd-G Generate Key Pair Generate a Key Pair with self-signed certificate in the active KeyStore
Ctrl-T Cmd-T Import Trusted Certificate Import a Trusted Certificate into the active KeyStore
Ctrl-K Cmd-K Import Key Pair Import a Key Pair into the active KeyStore
Ctrl-P Cmd-P Set Password Set the active KeyStore's password
Enter Enter View KeyStore Entry Details Display the details of the currently selected KeyStore entry
Alt-Enter Alt-Enter Properties Display the properties of the active KeyStore
Ctrl-E Cmd-E Examine File Examine the contents of a file
Ctrl-F Cmd-F Find Find an entry in the active KeyStore
Ctrl-L Cmd-L Examine Clipboard Examine the contents of the system clipboard
Ctrl+Alt-S Cmd+Alt-S Examine SSL Examine a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection's certificate(s)
Ctrl-D Cmd-D Detect File Type Detect a cryptographic file's type
F1 F1 Help Display KeyStore Explorer's help pages
Ctrl-, Cmd-, Preferences Display KeyStore Explorer's preferences dialog
Esc Esc Close Dialog Close currently opened dialog
Alt-F4 N/A Exit Exit KeyStore Explorer
N/A Cmd-Q Quit Quit KeyStore Explorer