Getting up and running with KeyStore Explorer is quick and easy. There are packages for all common operating systems.

Latest Release

Platform File Details
Windows kse-550-setup.exe

Windows installer (InnoSetup), all possible command line parameters (e.g. for silent or non-administrative install) are listed here: Setup Command Line Parameters. Includes a custom Java runtime.

SHA-256: 3e6db6d082d2d46c29f9ebf50cf96355b4b7ce5f60432e0df9d5fa436a56c803
Windows kse-550-setup-no-jre.exe

Same as above, but you have to download and install a Java runtime environment (minimum is Java 8) yourself.

SHA-256: f5087ec72bb32e790aaa42380c8b344297e8d02d5787952108a1a0f91ef50b8e
Mac kse-550.dmg

Double-click the disk image to mount it, then drag KeyStore Explorer to the Applications folder. The application bundle contains a custom Java runtime.

SHA-256: ec50f0e15a2c3fa3077285f928cbfcf98a0dd5fdd3646b7e4bf1e79f8d0e2153
Linux kse_5.5.0_all.deb

DEB for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint etc.

SHA-256: e295c351cc72ea02abf44c4aa97d404045be6be78f7b0d837ef57613f52d7c45
Linux kse-5.5.0-1.noarch.rpm

RPM for CentOS/RHEL/Fedora etc.

SHA-256: 5cec6792a0c154b0ed545b13a9f7f59fe39e119c396a29e093a0af7dd8f6dc38

ZIP with kse.exe for Windows and for Linux/macOS, see included readme.txt for more infos. Requires a Java runtime environment (minimum is Java 8).

SHA-256: c46125d92ebf7178d01536c5a121c5a5b50bea5c681ab7a1f3d9561f143edd1e

Malware Warnings in Chrome and Firefox

The Google Safe Browsing API that is used in Chrome, Google Mail, Google Drive and Firefox currently detects some kind of malware in kse-550-setup-no-jre.exe and

The results on VirusTotal (an aggregator for antivirus products and scan engines) show that both files are found to be clean by almost 70 different AV vendors:

VirusTotal scan results for kse-550-setup-no-jre.exe
VirusTotal scan results for

So these are clearly "false positives". False positive detections are completely normal and happen after almost every new release of KSE. Normally they are fixed quickly by contacting the AV vendor. With Google it is unfortunately not so easy and it is difficult to say how long it will take until this problem is finally resolved.

Older Releases and Source Code

The source code of KeyStore Explorer and older releases since v5.0 are available here: KSE Releases on GitHub