KeyStore Explorer is an GPLv3 open source project. The source code (and documentation) is maintained on GitHub. While most of the work was done by Wayne Grant and Kai Kramer, there have been also many user contributions to the project.

How Can I Contribute?

To make it easier for users who would like to get involved and help us improve KSE, this section contains suggestions and guidelines on how to contribute.

Reporting Bugs

One of the best ways you can help us improve KSE is to let us know about any problems you find with it.

The KSE project uses GitHub issues to report and track issues.

Before you file an issue, search for it to see if anyone has already reported it. If you find your issue, check if you can provide additional information, that might be useful to resolve the issue.

If no one has reported your bug, file the bug. Please describe the problem in detail. Be sure to include:

  • Steps to reproduce the problem.
  • What happened.
  • What you think the correct behavior should be.
  • Don't forget to mention which operating system and which version of Java and KSE you're using.

In general, put as much information in bugs as you can. The more detail you provide, the more likely your issue is to be resolved.

Important: Please be on the lookout for any follow-up questions we may have.

Contributing to the Code

If you want to contribute to the code, go to GitHub, fork the KSE repository, apply your changes and open a pull request (PR). GitHub provides detailed information on the process on their website:

GitHub - Contributing to a Project

In order to make the review of the PR a pleasant experience for contributors and reviewers and to preserve the quality of the code base, it is important to:

  • Make sure the code changes are well tested and that they cause no unwanted side effects.
  • Verify that all existing and new tests pass.
  • Check that the code formatting matches the existing code. For IntelliJ IDEA you can use this formatter configuration, for Eclipse you should at least modify the default formatter so that lines are wrapped at 120 characters and all indentations are spaces (no tabs).
  • Make sure no unrelated or unnecessary reformatting changes are included.

If you intend to implement a non-trivial enhancement or a new feature, please make sure there is a issue that corresponds to your contribution – either created by you or by somebody else. Announce in the issue that you intend to work on it to make sure that the work is not done twice. This is also a good way to get some guidance on how to beste tackle a problem or discuss implementation ideas.

Contributing to the Documentation or Website

Good documentation is crucial for any kind of software. You can help improving the documentation:

  • Please report missing, incorrect, or out-dated documentation as an issue.
  • Please open an issue if you think the website could be improved.
  • The complete website is hosted in a GitHub repository. Feel free to fork it, improve it and create a pull request.


You are welcome to translate the KSE application or documentation into your own language. Just create a issue where you announce that you want to work on translating KSE in a certain language.

Spread the Word

If you like KSE, why not recommend it to your friends, colleagues or blog followers? Mention it in your blog, on twitter, in forums, on StackOverflow...

List of Contributions

We would like to thank all contributors for their commitment and support.

Those who contributed code, documentation or translations are listed by name below.

Code Contributions

Contributor Version Contribution
David Harper 5.1.1 Fixed Linux start script, it works now if called from outside the KSE folder.
Uri Blumenthal 5.1.1 Fixed import of EC keys.
Chris Kistner 5.2.0 Support viewing of non-CRT RSA private key fields.
Chris Ridd 5.2.0 Added IPv6 addresses for SubjAltName extension.
Davy Defaud 5.2.0 Added RPM packaging for Mageia.
Kevin Herron 5.2.0 Installing the JCE Unlimited Crypto Strength policy is no longer necessary.
Uri Blumenthal 5.2.0 Added several ExtendedKeyUsage (AdobePDFSigning, ...) types.
Filip Jirsák 5.2.0 Fixed AuthorityKeyIdentifier extension.
Josef Ludvicek 5.2.1 Fixed a problem with when it's executed through a symlink.
Peter Breur 5.2.2 Fixed authorityCertIssuer in AKI extension.
Andreas Schwier 5.2.2 Ignoring unsupported certificate types now.
Andreas Schwier 5.2.2 Fixed problem when generating EC keys with crypto devices.
Michele Mariotti 5.3.0 Added flexible validity date selection.
Luís Câmara 5.3.0 Changed maximum key length for DSA keys to 2048.
Jordi Pinzón 5.3.0 Added QcStatement types for eIDAS certificates.
Wim Ton 5.4.0 Configurable columns on main display.
Benny Prange 5.4.0 Added certificate export in certificate details view.
Kable Wilmoth 5.4.0 Added support for Bouncy Castle's BCFKS keystore type.
Jordi Pinzón 5.4.2 Certificate generation: Editing of extensions fixed
Michele Mariotti 5.4.2 Fixed date/time spinners and added shortcut buttons.
Jordi Pinzón 5.4.3 Custom (i.e. user definable) extended key usages
Vakhtang Laluashvili 5.4.3 TSL (Trust-service Status Lists) signing extended key usage, OID ""
Lothar Haeger 5.4.3 VAqua Look&Feel for macOS
Stephen Tomkinson 5.4.4 Enter certificate serial numbers in hexadecimal format
Stephen Tomkinson 5.4.4 Additional button in "Certificate Extensions" window to save those extensions as a template
Christoph Kaser 5.4.4 Allow to select multiple keystore entries (and cut/copy/paste/delete them)
Gary Bartlett 5.4.4 Fixed an incompatibility with VAqua
Patrick Decat 5.4.4 Allow running the application directly with './gradlew run' command
Colbix 5.5.0 Sign multiple jars
Colbix 5.5.0 Various improvements of JavaFX file chooser usage
Colbix 5.5.0 Added generation of Diffie-Hellman parameter files
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 CRL Signing
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 Certificate Validation
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 CRL Distribution Points Extension (CDP)
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 Additional name components for distinguished names
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 Find (multiple) keystore entries
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 Input suggestions for object identifiers (OIDs)
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 Examine Clipboard for URLs
Jairo Graterón 5.5.0 Fixed display of General Name "IPAddress"
Matteo Baccan 5.5.0 Code quality improvements
Bill Stewart 5.5.0 Windows library for detecting Java installations
Bill Stewart 5.5.0 InnoSetup configuration
Jairo Graterón 5.5.1 Sign JWT (JSON Web Token)
The-Lum 5.5.1 Added "Verify Certificate" menu item for Trusted Certificate entries
The-Lum 5.5.2 Improved French translation
Jan S. (jpstotz) 5.5.2 Updated HTTP URLs
Colbix 5.5.2 Redesign of Preferences dialog
Jairo Graterón 5.5.2 "Transfer Name and Extensions" feature for generating new certificates based on existing ones
Colbix 5.5.2 Updated JavaFXFileChooser to include setSelectedExtensionFilter
Colbix 5.5.2 Updated DErrorCollection


Contributor Contribution


Language Contributor
French Davy Defaud, The-Lum
German Frank Dietrich